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Coast City Ballet,  a 501-(c)(3) non-profit organization based in  Huntington Beach, California,  was founded by Clara
and Alicia D’Autilia to provide local dancers and choreographers the opportunity  to work  and  perform in a  
professional setting.  The company consists of  Resident  Members,  Junior Members, and is supplemented by  
Pacific Dance Center studio  students.

Coast City Ballet presents several performances through the year: Young Choreographers Showcase, The
Nutcracker, local events, fundraisers for charities, schools, libraries, and national and international competitions.  

With education and performance as  primary goals, Coast City Ballet  mission is to provide dancers and
choreographers of all levels with  a forum to explore their talents, gain experience, and grow as performers!  Also, we
aim  to educate  the public about  the cultural significance and importance of dance through the use of arts
education, performances and outreach programs.

For information regarding  Coast City Ballet outreach programs  for organizations or schools, please  e-mail: