All new students $25.00 registration fee ($30.00 for family) - Subject to change without notice.
Annual registration fee $10.00 per student each September unless recently enrolled .
This fee covers administration costs, and other miscellaneous expenses.  
If classes are missed for two consecutive months registration fee ($25.00 p/student - $30.00 p/family) will again be due and payable.

First month tuition must be paid at time of registration. Students not starting in September will be put on waiting list.
Tuition payment is due
in advance on the first day of the month and it is non-refundable
***All tuition payments are set up via automatic debit
Declined card payments will be charged $25.00 late fee.

Make-up classes may be taken within 30 days of missed class, the following applies:
Tuition must be current/paid. Make up classes cannot be used in lieu of tuition payment.  For example: If enrolled in 3 classes per week,
when a class was missed, tuition for 3 classes per  week must be current, and a 4th class may be taken as a make-up, providing student
is actively enrolled and
CCB-PDC is notified in advance a class will be missed
Tuition is non-refundable for missed classes

*Class viewing policy - Please drop off your dancer each week, parents may view class ONLY once per month in lobby area.
In order to participate in performances students must have consistent class attendance and are expected to maintain
regular attendance
A participation fee applies for each production, the fee covers rehearsals, costume rental/purchase, and other
productions costs.  
No  fee will apply for participation in Outreach Programs.
*Unlimited Tuition Policy: Unlimited class tuition requires a commitment from Sept. 1st to June 30th, as it enables dancer to
take unlimited number of classes at a discounted rate.
** Rate applies to Guest/Visiting Dancers. Group rates and/or discounted tuition do not apply to single class rate.
Private Classes
Solo - $72.00 - 1 hour
Solo - $37.00 - 30 min.
Duet - $20.00 per/student - 30 min.
Trio - $15.00 per/student - 30 min.
Lessons range - Depending on Level
Tot / Juniors: 30 to 45 minutes
Children / Teen: 45 to 1 hour
Advanced Levels: 1 to 1.5 hours
Tots / Juniors
Children / Teen / Adult / Co.
Children / Teen / Adult / Co.
$ 49.00 / month
One class per week
$  60.00 / month:
One class per week
$  90.00 / month
One classes per week
$ 83.00 / month
Two classes per week
$120.00 / month:
Two Classes per week
$130.00 / month
Two classes per week
$115.00 / month
Three classes per week
$149.00 / month:
Three Classes per week
$161.00 / month
Three classes per week
$132.00 / month
Four classes per week
$175.00 / month:
Four Classes per week
$185.00 / month
Four classes per week
$194.00 / month:
Five Classes per week
$198.00 / month
Five classes per week
$215.00 / month:
Six Classes per week
$232.00 / month
Six classes per week
$300.00 / month:
Unlimited one student*
$350.00 / month
Unlimited one student*
                                                                              Drop in   $18.00** p/class
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